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SwissHydro LLC is a Swiss company that offers innovative solutions for water treatment in open networks (cold water, hot water, circulation) and closed circuits (heating, air conditioning, cooling). Our goal is to improve energy efficiency, preserve water resources, reduce the use of chemicals and achieve significant savings for communities, industry and individuals.

We are pioneers in water revitalization, a technique which consists of modifying the molecular structure of water to provide it with beneficial properties. We collaborate closely with scientific institutions and our products are the result of several years of international research.

Our technical devices are designed to meet various requirements and applications. We can adapt and improve water quality according to your needs. For example, we can:

  • Optimizing drinking water for cells and well-being
  • Preventing scale, corrosion and bacteria in sanitary facilities
  • Improve the efficiency and lifespan of heating and cooling systems
  • And much more !

The possibilities are limitless with SwissHydro Sàrl, the leader in Swiss sanitary products.

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We collaborate with the WESSLING and MICROSCAN laboratories.

Our vision

Thanks to the promotion of our activity in the preservation of drinking and industrial water, we defend the Treatment and Natural Recycling of Water in order to obtain a major place in the development of Renewable Energies in the same way as solar, photovoltaic and heating, with Intercantonal, Federal and International Institutions.
In the future we would like to intervene in schools to raise awareness about the preservation and natural treatment of water.

Our mission

SwissHydro’s mission is to provide a tailor-made, turnkey solution from studies, equipment, delivery and commissioning to companies in the building sector in Switzerland and internationally.
We precisely analyze your needs and provide you with answers adapted to your projects, thanks to our know-how and our trusted partners, technologically advanced with an Ecological value.

Quality labels

Water, source of life

The proportion of water in the human body, expressed as a percentage of body mass, is around 60% in adults. The figure varies depending on the sources.

This is a lot since it represents more than 40 liters for a 70 kg person. The value also varies between individuals and over the course of life. The figure drops to 50% for an elderly person.

Two and a half liters of water to be changed daily. Most of this water is contained in our cells. There are around 10 trillion of them. But also in tissues:

  • Blood 79%
  • Lungs 78%
  • Brain 76%
  • Muscles 75%
  • Skin 70%
  • Bones: 22%
  • and so on.

Every day, the human body eliminates approximately 2.5 liters of water through breathing, sweat, urine…this volume must therefore be replaced by drink and food, the daily intakes of which are respectively (and approximately) of 1.5 and 2 liters. This molecule (H2O) plays countless roles.

It is first of all a liquid solvent which allows the complex chemical reactions on which life relies. Life without liquid water seems difficult to imagine. In any case, life as we know it.

Water is the basis of life and our main component. It is not complicated to understand that consuming healthy water allows us to hydrate our cells without pollutants (chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, chemical molecules) and other cocktail effects that clog them.

Our products

Hydro Care

The specific technology used in these devices allows the H2O water molecules to be restructured, which gives the water a revitalizing action. In addition, this restructuring leads to an enrichment of oxygen, thus helping to maintain the physiological balance of water.

Hydro Clean

HydroClean is a device used in central heating systems to remove solid particles from water. It works using centrifugal force, creating a vortex that dissolves fine suspended particles helping to maintain water quality and prevent problems such as blocked pipes and deterioration of heating system components

Hydro Filtre

Under-sink activated carbon filtration is a popular method for improving drinking water at the source. It uses activated carbon to remove various contaminants, improve the taste and odor of water. Installed directly on the cold water line under the sink, the compact system offers a discreet solution, requiring regular replacement of carbon cartridges to maintain its effectiveness

top view of concrete structures

Hydro Récup'

MBBR plants are wastewater treatment facilities that use movable plastic media to house biofilm. This biofilm, housing microorganisms, effectively decomposes organic contaminants. These systems are versatile, energy efficient and suitable for various applications, providing an innovative biological solution for complete wastewater treatment.



Autonomous operating system without electrical connection, without excess water consumption. Simple, maintenance-free installation


Natural water treatment, preserved water potability, no additives to inject into the water such as softeners, revitalized water


Safety: High quality technology guaranteed for 10 years. Savings on energy costs thanks to the protection of our anti-scaling agent against limescale and corrosion. Improvements in thermal efficiency on heating.

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