Hydro Care

Revitalized drinking water that is even purer

Water, as an essential element for life, has become increasingly precious due to ecological and climatic changes on earth.

The scarcity of pure water has become particularly noticeable, affecting not only people and homes, but also all economic sectors, such as food production, welfare, light and heavy industry, agriculture. , etc.

Faced with this challenge, many scientists around the world have mobilized to develop technologies for purifying and revitalizing water. It is important to note that water has the ability to retain information.

Our devices are designed to restructure water molecules (H2O), thus providing a revitalizing action. This restructuring is associated with an enrichment of oxygen, contributing to the maintenance of the physiological balance of water.


Bioenergetic water vitalizer

Water is the prerequisite for the existence of life.

Water that comes naturally from the earth (for example a spring) is a source of mechanical energy and contains natural elements and information.

On the other hand, a lot of natural properties of water are lost following pumping and passage through pipes. Technical installations, electricity and magnetic fields also negatively influence water.

Hydro Care

Can be combined with all filtration systems

Maintenance-free use, without electricity or additives

Reduction of corrosion and limescale deposits

Increased lifespan of installations

Principle of operation


Reorganization of the water structure giving a revitalizing action with oxygen enrichment



Passage of water through a frequency field modifying its structure



Reception of new information through a liquid generating a specific frequency

Reproducing nature with Hydro Care

This water treatment restores its natural characteristics to the water.

The operating principle of Hydro Care

Pressurized water passing through the Hydro Care causes a vortex. The purpose of this swirl is to imitate the flow of a river.
The principle of the Vortex effect and the dynamization of water was demonstrated by the Austrian scientist Victor Schauberger (1885-1958)


Passage of water through a frequency field modifying its structure It acts on the water is enriched in oxygen and its surface tension is reduced. It acts on the crystal structure of the limestone in the water, thereby preventing and reducing limescale and rust deposits. (for example in pipes).

Transmission of information

Water has the ability to retain information.
Magnetization and the vortex effect affect water quality.

Inside the Hydro Care there is then – in a closed circuit – a liquid which still has its original vitality and purity.
This transmission of information without energy is based on the elementary bases of the law of resonance.

Crystal analysis of a tap water sample (magnification up to 400 times)

Sample of energetically vitalized and organically treated water (magnification up to 400 times)


The HydroCare is installed directly on the main cold water inlet pipe.

Once the cold water has been treated, it feeds the hot water tank, circulates in the hot water network, and ensures complete and optimal treatment of the entire sanitary system.


Compared to the classic method

Tap water gets the positive qualities of spring water again

Water vitalized with the Hydro Care method tastes better and is fresher

Stimulation of metabolism and strengthening of the immune system

Treated water is softer if you take a bath or shower

Lowering the bacteria content

Accelerates plant growth through efficient absorption of nutrients

Limescale and rust are reduced

maintenance costs for pipes and water heaters are reduced

Easy cleaning of light limescale deposits on sensitive surfaces


thanks to Hydro Care

30% reduction in detergent and laundry detergent consumption

Chlorine reduction possible up to 50% (odors)

Hydro Care works without electricity and without chemical additives

No operating, servicing or maintenance costs