Hydro Filtre

For tasty and revitalized drinking water

The water from our taps is one of the best controlled foods. However, drinking water can absorb some “unsanitary companions” on its way through public and domestic piping systems and lose much of its natural life force along the way to our tap.

Vital Hydro Premium filters undissolved particles like grains of sand or microplastic out of drinking water. In addition, adsorption also makes it possible to remove diluted substances such as pollutants, drug residues or pesticides since activated carbon has a very effective action.


  1. Fine filtering for maximum purity
    The carbon block filter installed in the Hydro Filter system, filter
    the vast majority of impurities and harmful substances present in distribution water.
  2. Revitalization for premium taste
    The hydro filter system revitalization device restores the water to its original and invigorating properties.

Activated carbon filtration capacity

Heavy metals


Free chlorine

> 98%


> 97%

Phytosanitary product

> 92%


> 99%

Drug residues

> 96%


> 88%


> 99%

Hydro Filter Activated Carbon Filter

Thanks to sintered activated carbon, permaster sanus has an extremely high capacity to absorb unwanted components in water and further improves the quality of drinking water.

Not only does it retain fine particles, but it also filters the majority of possible residues of pesticides, heavy metals, drug residues or chlorine and even microplastics contained in drinking water. On the other hand, valuable minerals such as calcium and magnesium are preserved in the water.

For hygienic reasons, the filter candle must be replaced after 6 months at the latest.


Filters any unwanted pollutants that may be present out of the water

Natural activated carbon filter made from burnt coconut, environmentally friendly

Gives water back its vital force thanks to the turbulence technique


Easy to install