Hydro Récup’

Environmentally friendly water recycling system

The system contributes to reducing your ecological footprint. Your business will protect the environment from chemicals and contamination, reduce irresponsible consumption of fresh water, protect employees from harmful odors, and, what’s more, have a greener business and reputation.

You reduce the costs of: drinking water, wastewater disposal, sludge removal and disposal, chemical additives but also the purchase and maintenance of an oil collector. Additionally, you can rent the system and make profits from day one.

The system recycles 100% of drained wastewater – there is no discharge*. The quality of the recycled water is excellent – it is as clear as drinking water**. The composition of the materials ensures a long lifespan and flexibility of the system…

You can control the system online from any PC. The monitoring program collects data (e.g. amount of recycled water, drinking water consumption), which you can use to document the reduction of the company’s environmental footprint. With our online service and error videos, we can help you immediately and ensure trouble-free operation of your system.

You only need to check the system once a week or every two weeks, otherwise it does not require any maintenance.
There is no need to change the water in the system. The unit can be moved if necessary.

* There is little discharge in winter – the system dilutes the treatment water with rainwater or drinking water is necessary to avoid salt deposits on vehicles.
**This is not potable water – do not drink it.

What do you get with Hydro Récup’?

A solution that delivers the same excellent water quality every time

A more ecological profile, contributing directly to the achievement of sustainable development objectives

A control program that guarantees high operational reliability

Documentation for reducing your company's environmental footprint (fresh water saved, water recycled, discharges saved, CO2 emissions saved, etc.)

Lower operational costs and control over them

Cost reductions

An opportunity to demonstrate your contribution to a more sustainable business world

A great opportunity to promote your business (for example, through a green post or story on social media, in the form of a sticker on your business, etc. social media, sticker on your vehicles, billboards, videos)

Operating principle of Hydro Recup’

The wastewater is pumped from a collection well (2) in the washing hall to a settling tank (3) where centrifugation ensures effective sedimentation. From the settling tank, surface water is pumped to two BIO reactors (4-5) where the MBBR process takes place.

From the BIO reactors, water is pumped through two sand filters (6-7), which remove the last mechanical particles from the water to a buffer tank (8) where the water is stored before being reused.

The distribution pump (9) pumps water to the washing machines or to the wastewater network.

Our customers are talking about us

“We wash many tankers every day. Therefore, it makes sense for us to have wastewater treated and use it again and again. Thanks to the recycling system, we reduce our consumption of drinking water and thus obtain a more ecological profile. At the same time, we save a lot on our water bill. Over the last three years, we have saved around 17,800 m3 of drinking water and 88,320 euros.
In addition, you can always monitor the operation of the system online in the control program.

Preben Hansen, Owner & Director at Demstrup Autotransport

“I highly recommend this system to anyone who wants to reduce their water consumption. In the past, we used 9,157 m3 of drinking water each year to wash our buses. After obtaining the system, we were able to reduce it to 458 m3 per year. So far we have saved 403,361 euros and 87,993 m3 of drinking water. The system has been running continuously for 9.5 years and there have only been a few minor repairs. There is no daily maintenance, I only clean a colander every Friday. »

Mogens Carlsen, bus mechanic at Keolis